Retractable Driveway Bollards in Ontario

The Ultimate Vehicle Protection & Peace of Mind
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Automatic Rising BollardAutomatic Rising Bollard

Rectractable Driveway Bollards in Ontario

The Ultimate Vehicle Security & Peace of Mind
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Ontario BollardOntario Bollard
304 Stainless Steel
Deployed in 4s
370W Hydraulic Motor
GTA Retractable Bollards

Secure Your Vehicle With Retractable Bollards.

Introducing Retractable Bollards in the GTA. We design, manufacture, and install hydraulically powered driveway bollards that can be controlled via an app, providing advanced protection against vehicle theft. Our innovative technology will safeguard your vehicle by blocking thieves from stealing it.

  • Made from 304 stainless steel
  • Deploys in 4s and drops in less than 2s
  • Fully app-controlled and rated for -35°C
  • 370W hydraulic motor
  • White LEDs - white reflective strip
  • Corrosion resistant & small footprint
Retractable Bollard
Retractable Bollard Diagram
Driveway Bollard Diagram
Our flagship product is made for Canadian winters

Driveway Bollards

Robust, Secure & Reliable.

Experience convenience and peace of mind with our app-controlled retractable bollards. With hydraulic power and advanced technology, our bollards provide reliable protection against vehicle theft for residential and commercial properties year-round.

Rated for -35°C

Waterproof IP68

Over 500 duty cycles per day

Residential or commercial installation

Power failure emergency release & internal battery

Retractable Bollard Down
Bollards Canda

A single powered retractable driveway bollard installed at the client's residence.

Bollards Canada

24-hr Vehicle Protection. App-controlled.

Block vehicle theft. With security bollards installed, car thieves will look elsewhere. Powered retractable bollards are the ultimate defense against property loss. Combined with security landscaping and perimeter fencing, you have the best car theft deterrent you can buy.

Control app is available
for Apple or Android.

Use Wi-Fi & Bluetooth to connect
securely to your mobile device. Also, they can be controlled using an included wireless remote.

Operate your bollard
within 50 meters.


We Install Bollards all over the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario







Richmond Hill




Easy Installation and Operation Process for Retractable Bollards

Our driveway bollards are installed and operated with a simple and user-friendly process. Follow these steps to enhance the security of your vehicles:

Driveway Bollards Site

Site Assessment

Our team will visit your property to assess the best locations for installing the retractable bollards. And call for location services to determine property service locations such as gas and hydro lines.

Retractable Bollard Section

Bollard Installation

Our experts will install the hydraulic-powered driveway bollards at the designated locations. We ensure perfect integration with your driveway, cutting interlock for a seamless installation. We also clean the job site thoroughly after we are done.

Driveway Bollard App

App Setup

We will assist you in setting up the app control system to manage the retractable bollards. You can conveniently control your bollard security system with a few buttons on your securely connected smartphone.


Find answers to common questions about security bollards and their installation.

How do security bollards work?

Security bollards are hydraulic-powered barriers that can be raised or lowered using an app. They are installed in residential and commercial properties to prevent vehicle theft and unauthorized access.

Are security bollards effective?

Yes, security bollards are highly effective in protecting properties against vehicle theft. They provide a physical barrier preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering, blocking your vehicle from leaving the property, and significantly deter vehicle theft.

How are bollards installed?

Bollards are installed by our professionals. A site inspection is made to determine the optimal location for bollards on your property. Usually they are installed at the bottom of your driveway.

  1. Our landscaping crew will dig the necessary holes, install the bollard with back-fill and top with quick-dry concrete to ensure a solid placement.
  2. Our licensed electrician will install the control panel in your garage or basement and connect the bollards.
  3. Lastly, we will test and set up the app and show you how to operate your new powered bollard security system.
  4. Finally, an inspection and thorough site cleaning are performed.

Can bollards be customized?

Yes, our bollards have customizable options controlled via the app, such as LED lighting effects.

Are bollards easy to use?

Yes, bollards are easy to use. They can be controlled using a smartphone app, allowing for convenient operation. The bollard can be deployed in less than 4 seconds and will lower in 2.5 seconds.

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Retractable Bollards

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