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Automatic Rising BollardAutomatic Rising Bollard
304 Stainless Steel
Deployed in 4s
370W Hydraulic Motor
Vehicle Security & Peace of Mind

GTA Residential Driveway Bollards

A remote and app-controlled retractable bollard security system for your home is the most robust security measure you can install to deter and block thieves from stealing your vehicle. Combined with perimeter fencing and landscaping, you have the best defence money can buy.

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Stainless Steel
Bollards Canada.

Welcome to the forefront of vehicle security solutions! Elevate your vehicle security with our state-of-the-art hydraulic powered driveway bollards. They are designed for discerning vehicle owners like you!

Choose our retractable bollards and protect your property against vehicle theft. Block your vehicle from leaving your property! With our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled reliability, we restore peace of mind.

  • Waterproof IP68
  • 370W hydraulic motor
  • Over 500 duty cycles per day
  • Made from 304 stainless steel
  • White LEDs & white reflective strip
  • Corrosion resistant & small footprint
  • Each bollard weighs 100KG (220lbs)
  • Deploys in 4s and drops in less than 2s
  • Fully app-controlled and rated for -35°C
  • Power failure emergency release & internal battery
  • Available for residential and commercial installations

Retractable Bollards are fully programmable and controlled via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled smartphone app for both Apple and Android. Also, they can be controlled using an included wireless remote.

Why we are the best choice for Automatic Bollards in the GTA

Retractable Bollards in the GTA

At BollardPros, we have designed the best security bollards for residential properties in the GTA. We don't resell generic bollards. We design and manufacture our branded Hydraulic Driveway Bollards, making them feature-rich with the best materials and bullet-proof engineering.

Retractable Bollards

Unparalleled Design

We have included in our design every feature a robust and secure retractable bollard needs. Features such as 370W Hydraulic Motors instead of less robust electrical motors found in competitors' offerings. Programmable LEDs. Emergency Power Failure Controls. Smartphone App & Wireless Remote Control Up to 50m.

Bollards Canada

Canadian Weather Ready

Our Driveway Bollards are made from corrosion-resistant materials with a 10mm 304 stainless steel top plate secured with stainless security bolts, and they are rated for weather down to -35°C.

Retractable Bollards Tech

Premium Technology

Our control panels have best-in-class components, including safety measures and override controls. Robust power supplies and 5000w transformer to ensure your bollard is fully operational for many years without incident. Each Bollard installation is securely paired with only your controller, so only you can operate via remote or app.

Seamless Integration

We ensure that the retractable bollards on your property look great by having our landscape architect cut each stone to fit perfectly into your driveway stone work and interlock.

Residential Retractable Bollard Fitment
Retractable Bollards
Car Theft in Ontario is Rising, Take Action!

2023 Ontario Car Theft

Auto theft in Ontario has risen by over 48%, and it is not stopping. Take action to block thieves from stealing your vehicle today! The number one deterrent to vehicle theft is security bollards.

"Organized crime continues to look to Canada as a source nation for stolen vehicles where the financial reward is high and the risk of prosecution is low."
Bryan Gast, vice president of investigative services at Équité Association

Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles of 2022

  1. Land Rover Range Rover
  2. Jeep Gladiator
  3. Lexus RX Series
  4. Honda Passport
  5. Acura RDX
  6. Toyota Highlander
  7. Dodge Durango
  8. Honda CR-V
  9. Jeep Grand Cherokee
  10. Ford F350 / F150

Rise in vehicle theft


Car thefts in 2023

Canada has become a source nation for stolen vehicles.

Avoid the Pain of a Claim

While your vehicle is insured against theft, the pain of the claim can be avoided. You should be aware of the reality of making an automobile theft insurance claim.

Unpleasant Experience

Dealing with an insurance claim is sometimes not the best customer service experience.

Lower Vehicle Value

In some cases, you may not get back the total value of your vehicle due to depreciation and aftermarket modifications.

Vehicle Price Increase

Your vehicle price may have increased, and getting the same model will likely cost more, especially when you factor in luxury tax.

Limited Inventory

Sometimes, your vehicle may have a strong consumer demand, and the inventory may not be readily available.

Car Rentals are Short-Term

Renting a temporary replacement vehicle is only a short-term solution. Insurance claims can take months.

Monthly Cost of Leased Vehicles

If your vehicle is leased, the claim will take longer, and you will also have to pay monthly for a car you no longer have.

Avoid Insurance, Protect your Assets.

Installing BollardPros Powered Bollard Security System on your property can save you thousands.

Customer Testimonials

Retractable Bollard Owners

Our happy GTA customers, who can't help talking about their driveway bollards from BollardPros.

"Living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), where car theft is unfortunately prevalent, I knew I needed to take proactive measures to protect my property. came highly recommended for their expertise in security solutions tailored for urban environments like ours. Their powered bollards have been a game-changer for safeguarding my driveway and front yard against unauthorized vehicle access. The team at made the entire process seamless, from selecting the right bollards to installation. Thanks to their dedication to security in the GTA, I now feel confident that my property is well-protected."

Emily Johnson

Happy BollardPros Customer

"As a homeowner in the GTA, I've always been concerned about the safety of my property, especially with the rising incidents of car theft. provided the perfect solution with their powered bollards designed to prevent unauthorized vehicle access. Their expertise in addressing security challenges specific to urban areas like the GTA was evident throughout the process. Thanks to, I can rest easy knowing that my home is fortified against potential threats in our neighbourhood."

Michael Davis

Happy BollardPros Customer


Find answers to common questions about security bollards and their installation.

Which of the following types of security controls involves installing bollards?

Physical security controls involve installing bollards as barriers to prevent vehicle access to specific areas.

What is the standard retractable bollard distance?

The standard distance for retractable bollards varies depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, it typically ranges from 600mm to 900mm (approximately 2 to 3 feet). We recommend 3ft for retractable bollards.

How strong are retractable bollards?

Retractable bollards are designed to be robust and durable, capable of withstanding significant impact forces. The strength of retractable bollards can vary depending on material composition and design specifications. At BollardPros, we manufacture our bollards to withstand enormous impact forces.

How do Automatic Bollards Work?

Automatic bollards are typically operated via an electronic control system. They can be raised or lowered automatically using sensors, remote controls, or access control systems, allowing authorized vehicles to pass through while restricting access to unauthorized vehicles. Our retractable bollards are controlled via a secure smartphone connection, control panel, and wireless remote.

Where to Buy Retractable Bollards?

Retractable bollards can be purchased directly from BollardPros; we design, manufacture and install retractable bollards throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. Get in touch with us to schedule a site inspection and quote.

How Much Are Retractable Bollards?

The cost of retractable bollards varies depending on size, material, and features. Prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per bollard. Powered hydraulic retractable bollards are at the top of the price range. However, they are the best option available in the market. 

How to install removable bollards?

Removable bollards are typically installed using specialized mounting hardware such as bolt-down bases or surface-mounted sockets. The installation process may vary depending on the specific type of bollard and mounting system used. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer's installation instructions for proper installation. However, a less expensive option, removable bollards, are not recommended for a permanent security solution, as they are less effective than a permanent barrier to entry or exit for your property, such as retractable bollards.

Can I put a bollard on my driveway?

You can install bollards on your driveway to enhance security and prevent unauthorized vehicle access. However, checking local regulations and obtaining any necessary permits or approvals before installing bollards on private property is essential. Contact us for a quote and to schedule a site inspection.

What is the lifespan of a bollard?

The lifespan of a bollard depends on factors such as material quality, environmental conditions, and maintenance practices. Generally, well-maintained bollards can last for many years, with some high-quality bollards having lifespans of 10 years or more. Retractable bollards from BollardPros are made to last. Made from highly corrosion-resistant materials and designed for long-term use, you can expect your bollards to last for 10s of years with proper maintenance.

Do bollards stop cars?

Bollards are designed to stop or deter vehicles from accessing specific areas. Depending on their design and strength, bollards can prevent vehicle intrusion and protect pedestrians, buildings, and infrastructure from vehicular threats.

Do you need planning permission to install bollards?

The need for planning permission to install bollards varies depending on local regulations and zoning ordinances. In some cases, installing bollards may require permits or approvals from local authorities, significantly if they impact public rights-of-way or historical areas. It is advisable to check with local authorities or consult a professional to determine the requirements in your area. However, you do not need permits to install bollards on your property's driveway.

Are security bollards worth it?

Security bollards can be valuable for enhancing safety and security on your residential property. They protect against vehicle-related threats, deter unauthorized access, and help safeguard people and assets. The decision to install security bollards should be based on a thorough risk assessment and consideration of specific security needs and objectives.

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